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CW6302/CW6304 Power Path Management Smart Charger

The CW6302 is a high accuracy linear charger with  power  management  solution  for Wearable  Devices,  Activity Trackers and Smart Watches, and Internet of  Things, IoT, Devices using Lithium-based batteries. The  Power Path Management Unit provides the dynamic  charging  control  to  allow  the  system  to  drop  the  maximum load from DC Input; this feature lets the  CW6302  perform  the  most  efficient  power  management among DC Source, Battery Charging and  System Loading.  This  device  features  32  steps  of  charging  current  programming, 10mA~150mA, and 4 charging voltage  selection, 4.20V/ 4.25V/ 4.30V/ 4.35V. CW6302 is also developed for Wearable Devices and IoT applications,  high accurate End-of-Charge at small charging current.  The settings of charging behavior and system control are programmed through I2C protocol.  The Protections  include  low  battery  alarm,  over  current and over temperature.  The CW6302 is available in a compact, Pb-Free and RoHS-compliant DFN10 3x3mm2 Package. 

• High accuracy Linear Charger with Power Path  Management Function
• Dynamic Charging Current Control to allow the  System  to  draw  the  maximum  load  from  DC  Input
• 4 selections of Charging Voltage Setting
• Programmable  Charging  Current  from  10mA~150mA, 32 steps  

  ±0.5% Charging Voltage Accuracy
• ±5% Charging Current Accuracy
• ±10% EOC, End‐of‐Charge, Accuracy at 1mA
• Low Battery Alarm Function
• Individual Wake Up Function
• I2C Serial Interface
• Over Current/ Temperature Protection
• Tiny 3x3mm2 DFN10 Package
• Pb-Free and RoHS Compliant    

• Activity Trackers
• Smart Watches
• Internet of Thing

Functional Block Diagram 


Contact sales@cellwise-semi.com for information of the CW6304.

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