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CW6301/CW6303 Power Management Unit for Wearable Devices

The CW6301 is a highly integrated, cost effective, high  accuracy power management unit which is optimized  the  unique  control  sequencing  and  power  requirements  for  the  activity  tracker  application  processors and system. The device integrates power  management  system  with  four  regulators  and  high  accuracy linear charger for Li-Ion batteries with power  path management function.  This  device  features  three  low-dropout  linear  regulators with supply current 100mA/ 50mA/ 50mA,  and one always-on linear regulator with 5mA output  current for RTC usage, along with a complete battery  charging solution.  The CW6301 is available in a compact, Pb-Free and  RoHS-compliant QFN16 3x3mm2 package.

• Highly Integrated  Power Management  Units  including: 
-Three  Low  Dropout  Linear  Regulators 
(LDO1:100mA/ LDO2:50mA/ LDO3:50mA)  
-One Always-ON Linear Regulator (5mA)  
-High  Accuracy  Linear  Charger  with  Power  Path Management (ICHG_MAX=150mA )
• High Accuracy Load and Line Regulation
• Adjustable Output Voltage
• Individual ON/OFF Control in Each LDO
• Power Good Output Signal for MCU
• Adjustable Charging Current
• Low Battery Alarm Function
• Individual Wake Up Function
• Push Button with Long Press Restart Function
• I2C Serial Interface
• Over Current/ Temperature Protection
• Tiny QFN16 Package 3x3mm2
• Pb-Free and RoHS Compliant 

• Activity Trackers
• Internet of Thing

Typical Application


Contact sales@cellwise-semi.com for information of the CW6303.

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