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CW1053 Battery Protection IC
The CW1053 series products are highly integrated protection ICs for 3 to 5 lithium‐ion and lithium polymer battery packs connected in series. CW1053 provides complete protection for battery pack by measure the voltage, current and temperature. Balance improves the discharging ability and the recycle loop life.


• 3 to 5 cells adaptable by external pin setting
• Bleeding balance function
- Threshold from 3.900V to 4.250V, 50mV steps, Max 2mV difference between each cell
- Balance current set by the external resistors
• Overcharge protection
- Threshold from 4.175V to 4.350V, 25mV steps, ±20mV accuracy
• Over discharge protection
- Threshold from 2.300V to 3.000V, 100mV steps, ±80mV accuracy
• Excess current protection
 Excess current 1:
- Threshold from 0.050V to 0.200V, 50mV steps, ±10mV accuracy
Excess current 2:
- Threshold from 0.200V to 0.500V, 100mV steps, ±25mV accuracy
Short circuits protection:
- threshold 0.500V or 0.800V, ±50mV accuracy
• Over temperature protection
• Pre-charge function
• Excess current protection auto-recover. Recover current adjustable
• Abnormal battery detect
• LED driver for battery capacity indication
• Low power dissipation
- Normal working 20μA (25℃)
 - Sleep mode 0.5μA (25℃)
• Package type: TSSOP30

Application Field

• Power tools
• E‐bike
• Backup power supply
• Or other lithium‐ion or lithium polymer battery packs

Typical Application

Contact for information of CW1243/1233.

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