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CW3046 USB Charging Controller and Protector

The CW3046 is a USB charging port controller to enable fast charging and USB communication functions in the same USB port. The CW3046 uses a smart mechanism to advertise fast charging capability over USB data pins (D+/D-), so that PD from various manufactures can identify and draw high current. PD compatibility has been tested for most popular mobile phones, tablets and portable media devices that are charged by USB port, both BC 1.2 compliant and non-BC 1.2 compliant. Two high-bandwidth data switches are also embedded in CW3046 to provide data path to USB controller when USB communication is needed. As supplements to the fast charging function, the CW3046 integrates two power management functions: wakeup by PD and current allocation. Both function detects current drew from port and signals through the _DET pin. A 73mW power-distribution switch is integrated to provide protection from port in-rush current or short-circuit. For system flexibility, two current limit thresholds can be selected and both are programmable via external resistors.

• Smart Fast Charging USB Port Compatible with Various Portable Devices:
 - USB Battery Charging Specification 1.2 (BC1.2) Compatible Devices
- Chinese Telecommunication Industry Standard YD/T 1591-2009 Compatible Devices
- Apple® Devices such as iPhone and iPAD
- Samsung Galaxy Family
• Supports Fast Charging when system is in Sleep-Mode
• Supports Fast Charging and USB Communication Simultaneously when System is Active
• USB Communication Privilege:
- CDP Fallback for Legacy Device Support
- Remote Wakeup Support
• Load Detection for Wakeup by PD and Current Allocation Functions.
• Integrated High-Side MOSFET with RDS(ON)=73m (typical)
• Adjustable Current Limit up to 3A (typical)
• Operating Range: 4.5V to 5.5V
• Maximum Current
- 2A when Device is Disabled
- 195A when Device is Enabled
• 8KV ESD Rating on D+/D- Pins

• Operating Temperature:  -40°C to 85°C
Max. Continuous Output Current: 2.8A
Max. Overcurrent Protection Current: 3.17A

• Available in QFN16 (3x3mm2 ) Package

• Notebook and Desktop PCs
• Universal Wall Charging Adapters
• Smart TVs
• Set-top Box
• Powerbanks

Typical Application Circuit


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