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CW1243 4 Cell Li-Ion/Polymer Battery Pack Protection IC

The CW1243 series products are highly integrated protection ICs for 4 lithium-ion and lithium polymer battery packs connected in series. CW1243 provides complete protection for battery pack by measuring the voltage, current and temperature.

(1)Overcharge protection
        • Threshold from 4.175V to 4.350V,  25mV steps,   ±25mV accuracy
(2)Over discharge protection
        • Threshold from 2.300V to 3.000V,  25mV steps,   ±80mV accuracy
(3)Excess current protection
        • Excess current 1:
        Threshold from 0.030V to 0.100V, 10mV steps,   ±5mV accuracy
        • Excess current 1:
        Threshold from 0.060V to 0.200V, 20mV steps,   ±5mV accuracy
        • Short circuits protection
        Threshold from 0.090V to 0.600V, 30mV steps,   ±10mV accuracy
(4)Charge and discharge over temperature protection
(5)Automatic recovery after excess current protection
(6)Ultra low power dissipation
        • Normal working 15μA  (25°C)
        • Sleep mode 5μA   (25°C)
(7)Package type: SSOP16 and SOP16

Application Field
• Power tools
• E-bike
• Backup power supply
Or other lithium-ion or lithium polymer battery packs

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