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CW3045 BC1.2 and Type C Charging Controller with Current Protection

The CW3045 is a USB charging controller IC integrated with output current and over temperature protection functions. CW3045 is fully compatible with USB type C DFP, BC1.2 and other non-BC1.2 standards like YT/D1591-2009, Apple charging specification (for i-Pad & i-Phones) and specs from Samsung Galaxy family. Power system adopted CW3045 will enable the power output to charge the type C devices or the normal device combined with a type C adapter cable.

A 45mΩ power switch is integrated with full protection against port in-rush current and output short to ground condition. CW3045 provides three-level over current protection to ensure the safety of both IC and system.
The CW3045 is suitable for all the charger products using USB type C interface like power bank, car charger and wall adapters.
The IC is provided with enhanced ESD protection up to ± 8kV with application on CC Pins.
CW3045 is available in eTSSOP-16 package.

• Support Type C 5V Specification
• DFP Application
• D+/D- DCP Mode per USB BC1.2
• Supports non-BC1.2 Charging Modes by Automatic Selection
• Two-Level Output Current Protection
  • Level1: 110% of Constant Current
  • Level2: 190% of Constant Current
• Short Circuit Protection
• Ultra Low RDSON of Integrated High-side MOSFET
  • RDSON <= 45mΩ
• Operation Voltage Range: 4.5V to 7.0V
• Power Consumption
  • 5A When Device is Disabled
  • 100A When Device is Enabled
• ± 8kV HBM ESD Rating on CC Pins
• ± 2kV HBM ESD Rating on Power Pins
• Lead(Pb)-Free, Halogen-Free, eTSSOP-16 Package

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