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CW2017 Gas-Gauge ASIC

The CW2017 is an ultra-compact, low-cost, system-side/pack-side, sensing resistor free, fuel gauging system IC for Lithium-ion(Li+) based batteries in handheld and portable devices. The device requires very little user configurations and MCU firmware development efforts.

The CW2017 tracks Li+ battery’s operation condition and performs state-of-art algorithm to calculate the relative State-of-Charge (SOC) of very different battery chemistry systems (LiCoOx, polymer Li-ion, LiMnOx etc.).

The CW2017 includes a 14-bit Sigma-Delta ADC, a precision voltage reference and build-in NTC bias circuit. The device allows end users to eliminate the expensive sensing resistor which usually occupies very large PCB area. The alarm signal will be sent out if the battery SOC level or the temperature measured reaches the pre-programmed threshold.

The CW2017 integrates the ID resistor sensing feature. It can also be used as an alternative sensing port.

The CW2017 uses a 2-wire I2C compatible serial interface that operates in standard mode(100kHz) or fast mode(400kHz).


 System-Side or Pack-Side Fuel Gauging
3% Maximum Total SOC Measurement Error
14-bit Sigma-Delta ADC for Cell Voltage, Temperature and ID Resistor Measurement
Configurable Interrupt for Battery SOC Change, High or Low Battery Temperature
  No Offset Accumulation During Life Time
  No Full-to-Empty Battery Learning Cycle
  No Sense Resistor Required
  Patented “FastCali” Fuel Gauging Algorithm
  External Thermistor Supported

  ID Resistor Measurement Supported 

  Ultra-low Power Consumption 

   - Normal Mode 17uA

·         - Sleep Mode <1uA 

  General I2C Interface
  Tiny, Lead(Pb)-Free, TDFN 2mmx2mm-8L Package


  Tablet PCs
  Handheld and Portable Devices
  Lithium-ion or Lithium Polymer Battery Packs

Typical Applications


Figure 1. Typical Application Diagram (System Side)



Figure 2. Typical Application Diagram (Pack Side)


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